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Custom Electrical Designs for Your Building

Bring your dream project into reality when you hire the design team Norris Electric Inc. of Auburn, California to handle it. After we have created the design, we implement our plans and oversee your specific project from conception to layout. Our team makes certain that your custom electrical designs are installed and wired properly and uses their technical expertise to guarantee everything is cutting-edge and efficient.

Electrical Add-Ons

One of the most important aspects of constructing an add-on to your existing building is that the current power supply can handle the new requirements. That's why our expert electricians are able to design around what you have to accommodate your facility's needs. We design, plan, and construct your build to custom fit the new and existing requirements. By hiring us, you'll save money over paying for contractors.

Automated Controls

Automation and timing are two of the most important aspects of installing electrical systems for your industrial plant. We understand the complexity of setting up such a system and getting it to work correctly. That's why we assign our crew to oversee and complete the project. Everything done is based off of your unique designs and needs.