Electrical Wiring for Your Building

Get the very best design, build, and installation for all of your commercial and industrial projects when you hire Norris Electric Inc. of Auburn, California. Nothing is too big or too small for us, and we offer our services for all stages of planning, construction, and completion. We are able to install all data controls, power, and lighting while designing and developing your plans. We service all aspects of your construction needs, build to suit your corporate needs, and provide maintenance contracts and factory authorized repairs for as long as you require.

Full Range Lighting Installation

Whatever you need illuminated, we are the company to hire to get the right solutions for the project. With the right lighting, employee productivity improves and a sophisticated, inviting atmosphere is added to your building. We offer you a full range of services, starting with an initial consultation and a review of your desires and needs. As part of the consultation, we figure out specific products and develop plans before starting the installation. We offer lighting services for:

Factories | Industrial Plants | Office Buildings | Roadways | Stadiums

Standby Generator Systems

Make sure that when the power goes out, you don't lose productivity and revenue by purchasing a back-up generator. This lets your standby systems protect critical systems, and you'll never be left in the dark. We design and tailor a system to fit your emergency power needs, whether it's on the grid, off the grid, or integrates green energy sources. Once you've hired us, we review your facility with a free consultation, develop a proposal, and then get started building your project.